Long Time No Blog

It's strange to think that's it's 2010 already and I haven't blogged since June. It certainly hasn't been for lack of things to blog about — if anything, I've been too busy working on things to blog about them, so whenever I've had something to share I've usually used Twitter because much easier to fire off a quick tweet than to write a blog post. However, I'm determined to start blogging again so that I can share detailed information to which I can refer people more easily.

So, over the next few weeks, I'm going to try to catch up a bit. I intend to blog about the following topics:

I don't have any particular order planned, so if there's something you'd particularly like to see, leave a comment and I'll try to take it into consideration. I'll link the items in the list through to the posts as I make them.


If it helps my order of preference would be:
- A tiny library I wrote for simulating cooperative microthreading using IEnumerable
- The difference between Web Applications and Web Sites, and why MonoDevelop only supports the former?

I'd like to see "Turning a GTK# application into a Mac app bundle and integrating with the dock and main menu" first.

Hi Michael,

I'd very much like to hear more about your C++ binding ideas. I've been working on my own C++ binding library (since the existing options for binding managed code to C++ in a platform agnostic manner are quite frankly pretty piss poor), and I'd be interested to hear your insights.

-Alex Corrado

I'd like to see "An update on building Moonlight projects with MonoDevelop".