Joined Novell, and moving to Boston

I apologise for not having updated my blog more often. Things have been quite hectic recently...

A month ago (as announced by Miguel de Icaza) I joined the fantastic Mono team at Novell, working on the MonoDevelop IDE. Since then I've been busy getting the ASP.NET Project features ready for MonoDevelop 1.0 Beta 1, which we finally released on Monday. It's essentially feature complete for 1.0, except for the "Web Deploy" feature that didn't quite make it into the beta but is currently in SVN trunk.

My "free" time has been taken up with preparing for my upcoming move to Boston, MA, USA this weekend. I'll soon be working with the cool people in the Novell offices in Cambridge! This move is a little daunting, as I've never been outside of Europe before, but I'm really excited about it.


Congratulations! Monodevleop beta 1 works great. Just a question: I noticed that the HTML/XML/ASP.NET editor doesn't color the code nor has auto-completion is that going to be included in the final 1.0?

Great job! Thanks!

In order to do a decent job of syntax highlighting ASP.NET files, we need to use GtkSourceView 2.0 (we currently use 1.x). Integrating this into MD (and writing an aspx syntax scheme) will be my first priority after the final 1.0 release, followed by code completion in ASP.NET and HTML pages. Right now the priority is to stabilise our current feature set so that we can draw a line under 1.0, and move onto fresh new stuff :-)

For XML, I recommend Matt Ward's XML Editor for MonoDevelop.

Thanks! I'll look forward for this! I'm just wondering why not to extend Matt Ward's XML editor to support ASP.NET. Shouldn't be easier this way instead of creating an ASP.NET editor from scratch?

hope you will enjoy Boston ;)