Silicon Group: How to Lose Customers

I went to the Silicon Group computer shop on Dalry Road in Edinburgh today to buy a couple of 2GB high-speed CompactFlash cards. Their website, updated three days ago, advertised that it cost £15, which by current standards is an internet-level price. I've used them in the past, and they've always provided reasonable components at prices that are pretty low for a High Street shop. More recently I'd been tempted by the lower prices and vastly superior range offered by web retailers, but decided to save the postage and give Silicon a shot.

However, when I got to the shop they wanted to charge me double the price for inferior memory. Apparently the website and the PDF pricelist on it only apply to their Alloa store, despite not stating this and advertising both addresses with equal prominence. The Dalry Road store staff pointed at their own one-and-a-half months older pricelist, and quoted me an even higher "updated" price of £30. They were unapologetic: I should have phoned in, I could go to Alloa. I got the impression that they considered it to be my fault.

Come on, guys, you're running a computer shop! It should take minutes to post prices, or you could even do it "automatically" using a "computer program". Or if you don't want people to wonder why one store charges twice as much for memory as the other, just post a note to the effect that the prices on the website don't apply to your Dalry Store.

I guess I'll just have to order some high quality ultra-fast SanDisk Extreme III cards from the net for two thirds of the price that Silicon wanted. And it's unlikely that I'll visit them again.


such a shameful display... I hope you didn't spend to much time crying over this incident... I suppose writing in a journal is a good way of venting your anger.. rather than pestering your friends ie. "computer program" or girlfriend ie. "mother".....

It's hardly uncommon on the internet to post reviews of businesses and products to alert other people to potential problems. I did actually try to email Silicon privately, but their contact form didn't work.

I'd take you a bit more seriously if you took responsibility for your childish personal attack, rather than hiding behind the internet's false curtain of anonymity.

Grow up, things happen in life

"Anonymous" if that is your real name.... you complaining about people venting there anger on the internet but i think you need to take a look at your self complain about people complaining! you sad hypocritical arse!

I have tried to shop very carefully for high speed camera cards and my conclusion from buying what I needed at a price I could afford is that - many cards sold online are not the genuine article - the genuine article usually costs far more. So there are advantages in buying in a shop, even if it costs more. You can see what you are paying for.
Don't blame - get informed.

i got quoted £11 for 1gb 333mhz ddr1 when i got to the shop they told me it was £23 i went mental as i had just driven a long way same excuse alloa, you are better to use the chinese people down on constitution street they are in the little industrial estate near to and on the same side as daltons scrap merchants they are next door to the vehicle crash repair place, and their little warehouse has no signs up, sorry i dont have the full details as i only drove there and got a real bargain, they are very helpful and silicon wanted £55 yes £55 for an 80 gb laptop hard drive i got it here for £29 hard to believe, try them !!!!!!. but definately not aloa to silicon.