Drupal updated to 5.1

I've just updated the site's version of the Drupal CMS to version 5.1. Lots of shininess, but I haven't yet ported the theme and some of the modules.


indeed I am in the same process now (albeit only at home so far)...and now searching all the really necessary modules! Indeed, you're tagged as one of the contributors to the geshifilter, and I can't see any intentions so far of porting it to drupal 5.0. Any plans yet?


The module that's on Drupal.org is actually a derivative of mine, and uses slightly changed syntax, so it's a nontrivial migration for me. However, I've hacked some basic 5.0 support which seems to work, though it's not fully tested, and I'll post a patch to the module's issues page soon.

Patches submitted: http://drupal.org/node/120300

Unfortunate I don't do enough Drupal contributing to get (or to need) a CVS account, so it may be a while until it gets released officially.

Thanks for the effort. Right now I have got the code module running, but the Geshi-based filtering is obviously a lot nicer. I'll see if I get round to start using it soon.